Building Widely-Used
Web3 Applications.

px-6 CodeX is a dedicated project for the mass adoption of
blockchain users.

The First Ecosystem provides No-Code for developers

The Future-proof Network

With a unique combination of safety, user experience, upgradeability, and performance, the Codex infrastructure and its Move programming language empower developers to build web3 applications that solve today’s consumer needs on a network that can evolve for anything to come.


Simplified Language, Block - Compiler Based

Designed for all developers, without any programming knowledge. xpander is a block-based compiler smart contract derived from several advanced languages ​​such as Rust, Solidity, Ruby, Skala and many more. By implementing a sequential-level programming structure, developers are able to create no-code applications and contracts while more advanced developers are able to contribute to convert processing flows directly into working applications. Veteran coders can continue to create compiler-level code and contribute directly to the code libraries within the CodeX protocol.


Compatibility Cosmos SDK & EVM

Combining the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and CosmWasm can provide developers with a powerful set of tools to build decentralized applications. CodeX supports the functionality for developers to be multichain allowing EVM ecosystem and Cosmoswasm ecosystem to be able interact seamlessly.


Scalable & Reliable

Codex focuses on performance for the user. With a parallel, batch-optimized, and modular transaction processing pipeline, plus innovations like combining between Proof-of-stake, Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Contribute, Codex brings advance performance to developers and a seamless experience for end users.

User Experience

Simple Development, Enjoyable Applications

The ecosystem being built by CodeX is poised to improve rapid adoption and development of blockchain technologies by removing the common barriers to entering the industry - the steep learning curve to build on web 3.0 infrastructures and the ambiguous safety and security risks associated blockchain interactions for new web 3.0 users. With Codex’s reliable infrastructure, developers can focus on making great applications and end-users can enjoy a friendly, seamless experience.

Codex Tokenomics Overview

The Codex Foundation presents a summary version of the Codex protocol tokenomics.

The CodeX Foundation Is Key Behind The CodeX Ecosystem


Support CodeX in to ensure the growth of the network, fostering a strong and evolving ecosystem, and attracting builders and developers to continually improve the infrastructure of the CodeX Ecosystem to reach the goal for mass adoption.

Core Focus

The CodeX Foundation is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the CodeX protocol, decentralized network, and builder as well developer ecosystem.

Ensure participation and growth
Encourage application development
Develop a strong developer ecosystem
Provide a decent infrastructure for builder