The Fastest Way To Build DApps Without Code.

Building tech is expensive and time-consuming. CodeX is an all-in-one no-code AI-powered ecosystem for WEB3 mass adoption. Build faster and cheaper.

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Our Products

Unlock The Power Of Web3 Without Code

Introducing our revolutionary suite of no-code web3 products for creative users and teams!

No-code DApp: Build with Screen2code

Craft your DApp platforms effortlessly—just copy and paste a screenshot from an existing website. If you'd like to make edits, simply ask the AI to edit or change it. Alternatively, you can edit the code in real-time with our user-friendly option.

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Create DApp with CodeXGPT Solution

CodexGPT transforms your ideas into functional apps effortlessly by understanding plain language instructions, eliminating the need for coding expertise and enabling app creation in minutes.

Drag and Drop on Bubble Plug in with ease. No code required.

Seamlessly connect Web2 to Web3 as CodeX enables you to construct your project effortlessly using our plug-in on Bubble. Harness the power of drag and drop—no coding required.

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Token Deployment

Empower your project, build your own custom token that represents your vision.

Create your own crypto token on your favourite blockchain in minutes. Choose from a variety of templates, customize your token's name, symbol, and supply, and launch your token with ease. Perfect for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals without coding experience.

Made For People, Built For Speed And Mass Adoption.

CodeX Stands Out With Its Groundbreaking AI-Powered, No-Code Platform,Allowing Users To Effortlessly Deploy DApps And Smart Contracts Across Multiple Chains.

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